My musical / Dj journey started in 88 when I was 12 I was mad on football playing for the school and hating aye youth where I met my friend Carlton . He introduced me to reggae dancehall and hip hop . His brother had some 1210s and let us play them when he wasn’t in so we started to learn to mix hip hop rap . Then in 1989 I was expelled from school and has to go to a bad boys unit hey had some sound labs . There I met my friend john who’s brother was into acid /house soon as I heard the bee by the scientist I was hooked we started djng @ a youth club in Edgware then we was doing house party’s . Then when I was 16 in 1992 my friends cousin Dj ty Holden was doing a rave in Hadley woods in Barnet we got a set I was called dizzy d then from there we did a few more of those raves then we did a few of our own . Then a friend of mine ,his older brother said there was a Station looking for djs in Harlesden on the church road estate station was called blitz fm . After that I was dragged into the chemical distribution side of the scene due to my fathers business . And from then on I was just dealing but still raving . Then years down the line I ended in prison . After my release I was done with crime and drugs . And decided to get back into djng and music again . So I started again got onto some on line stations and now I’m loving it all over again . Music is so important in my life I just wish I hadn’t wasted so much time