> Started buying records in 1990 at 14 years old after being introduced to music my mum played while growing up. She is the original raver… Big up mum x
> Progressed to playing on Eruption FM around 1993 with a prime time radio show with MC IRock and MC OG up until around 96/97.
> Eruption was a pirate station around East London. Every week was spent dodging DTI and security to get to the studio.
> The thrill wasn’t just playing music; it was a buzz when we used to blow up the pager.
> A video recently surfaced of me and MC IRock playing at club Labyrinth.
> Check it out, we are the first 5 mins of the video.
> Look how young we were.
> http://youtu.be/DSyRPdo18nA
> Met my wife raving in 1994 (a couple that rave together, stay together)
> Big love to the wifey x.
> She got us tickets for Jungle Fever 2016.
> A great night and I met some great people, through friends of ours, who told me about a group called Jungle Veterans.
> These are guys of a similar age, with the same love of the music and they put on outstanding jungle events that are all about the tunes and atmosphere from back in the day.
> These events are all about the music and vibes and I can honestly say made me fall back in love with the music.
> The Vets have made me part of their family. I’ve made them part of mine.
> Big love to the Vets x
> Check the Facebook page.
> https://www.facebook.com/groups/257199181345196/
> At the last event you could have caught me playing, dancing or manning the cloakroom….
> I’m versatile like that!
> I play strictly vinyl from 90-97
> Hardcore-Oldschool-Jungle
> My show on Lazer FM @ 7-9pm every Saturday.
> My very special VIP guest regularly on my show is long time partner in crime MC OG.
> Big love to MC OG.
> Check out my Facebook page for more info