Ive always had a passion for music from the late 80’s when the likes of soul II soul, adventures of Stevie V, the beatmasters and D-Mob made some great tracks that even to this day are fantastic tracks. One of the big impacts musix had on me when back in 1991, i started listening to pirate stations suck as fantasy FM, innocence FM, pulse FM and kiss FM, old skool raw to the core.
I started out as a lighting jock in a local club in Clacton on sea. Then saw there was a back up dj job up for grabs in 1994 in the same club. That was it, i never looked back music wise. I have played on a few pirates stations in Clacton and London. Such as switch FM, raw FM and sky FM in Clacton and Fusion FM in London. I have also played at a few events such as Oscars / Cokney pride (Clacton pier), bar 512 (dalston) , the union (vauxhall).
I play and love playing various genres : Old Skool hardcore, happy hardcore, Trance, Jungle, 1988 -2002 house, Ragga, Reggae, Hard house, UK Hardcore. Not sure what else to add so OI OI Saveloy.