My name is Marcus aka Dj Red Eyed Jedi
I have been playing since 2010 be been around the seen since I was knee high to a grasshopper, well since I was 14 when the rave scene started kicking off massively and never left it even tho there has been years I missed raving was always bang into the underground stations keeping up with what was going on and the way the scene was developing and the transition from house to Acis House to Hardcore to Jungle and the rest is history really as most of us know how its gone on from their.
I love playing Old Skool tunage like acid house, Hardcore and Happy Hardcore but also like my Drum n Bass and Old Skool Jungle.
Liam Loves Life – Bristol
Moondance – Hidden
Banger After Banger – Felixstowe
Recolution – Union
Where it all began with playing on the underground radion scene, it started off when I launched Jedi-Radio in 2009 and then I felt like a complete overhaul and revamp everything and changed it to Desiderium Radio bringing a fresh look fresh start fresh everything under Jedi-Productions but in 2012 after recording many events I was struggling and was on my knee’s with my health and just couldn’t keep the Promotions part of Jedi-Productions going as my health took a turn for the worse so I kept the station going but already had Revolution sorted booked and paid for so I had to go on with the event and for my first event I just about broke even aand some which went to the charities I was raising money for which was McMillans and Help The Heroes.
Thenmy daughter was due and I had to take a back seat from the radio and concerntrate on family duties and was forced to close the station due to unreliable people you put your trust in and just couldn’t put the effort in to help what you have done for others and many have come to me since and said if it wasn’t for me they would never of got the chance to play at regular events and that gives me such self satisfaction to know I have done something for someone and they are grateful for it and in return in many ways like Relm, he gave me a chance toplay on Lazer FM and I was going through a tough time and had a complete mealtdown and he dropped me and I am grateful that he did because it made me look at myself and try and put things right for myself and I did and now I am back and that is comething he didn’t have to do but he did and that I am thankful for and now I am just looking forward and upwards.
I got alot of passion for the scene and Im an Old Skool Raver and always will be until the day I die.