Old Skool, Hardcore and Jungle DJ, been at it since i was 15, got my first tax rebate and spent the lot on a set up, started mixing on a set of belt driven soundlabs back in the day.

Loved going raving every weekend, number one spot for me was club Labyrinth on dalston lane.

Came away from the rave scene about 10 years ago and was mainly DJ’ing in pubs and doing private parties, then i started to get the buzz of the music again and got straight back into it.

This time i started on the digital platforms, firstly on the DDJ-SB, then i upgraded to the SX, now i`m on the CDJ’s

Since then i have founded and set up lazer fm which has been going from strength to strength, We are now putting on events, selling merchandise and mixing it up with all the big stations.