Debut single – Dj Bagpuss – I Saw You Daniel

This is my very first track “I Saw you Daniel (Eric’s End) (Part 1)”.
I’ve wanted to produce hardcore breakbeat music ever since I started DJ-ing back in the mid ‘90s. Due to a combination of lack of the necessary technology, time and patience, I did not get around to it back then. Finally, I forced myself to sit down, find some samples and work on a tune – which became this.
My inspiration has been the dark jungle tracks of 93/94, incorporating creepy chords, haunting piano, deep bass and of course that Amen Brothers breakbeat. When I first “saw” the film from where the vocal samples are taken, I knew that I could use parts of it to make a tune and the agonised cry of “Daniel” clinched it.
I’m already surprised and very happy by the positive response that I’ve had to the tune, with encouragement to make more (I have several ideas). Hopefully you will all enjoy it too. If you want the tune, please contact me at:
Thanks to the following for the help, guidance and support:
GT (Inner Sanctum), RoKo, Libz, Sparki Dee, Nasty Squad, Kutmaster K and all the London Pirate Radio family; Glenn the Viking; Oscar (DJ Karma); DJ Relm, DJ Cham, Slim Sladey, Sound Affected and the Lazer FM crew; Alex Beardy; Nick FX.