DJ Bagpuss

I have been playing on Lazer FM from 9pm to 11pm on Saturdays for a fair while now - old skool hardcore and warehouse rave, acid house, breakbeat hardcore, nu breaks, drum n bass, jungle (old and new). I?ve played out at Bar 512 in Dalston, Flava Bar in Stevenage, The Box at Faces in Bedford, Volks nightclub in Brighton and various other places in the UK. I?ve DJed in Los Angeles and recently in Corfu at Unity in the Sun. With DJ Relm we are putting on our own events, such as Jungle Revival and our more recent event Hardcore Revival.

The better known DJs and MCs that I have been fortunate to perform alongside (same room, same event) are (in alphabetical order): Billy Daniel Bunter, Bizzy B, Bonnie Blaze, Damage Inc, DJ Dazee, MC Deanie Rankin, DJ Demo, Dizzy UK (MC), Dr S Gachet, Ellis Dee, DJ Fallout, Fat Controller, MC FiveAlive, Food Junky, Future Primitive, Jaguar Paw, DJ Jedi, Jerome Hill, Krome & Time, Lisa Dizzy Blonde, Mark Archer, Miss Monday, Navigator MC, Nicky Blackmarket, Nookie, Rachael E. C., Randall, DJ Rap, Slipmatt, MC Strict, Swifty Habla, DJ Sy, Tango (RIP), Torchman, 2 Bad Mice, Uncle Dugs, DJ Vibes, Vinyl Junkie, Vinyl Vera, MC Yush. I have also played alongside numerous talented DJs who simply don?t get enough recognition, so big up Ady Bird, Jungle Ed, KeeZee, King Chuga, Kismet, Kung Fu Pete, Kutmaster K, Plan E, Mr Pooks, Mr Watson, DJ Plutonic, DJ Progress, RadioSam, DJ Relm (of course), RoKo, Sista-Matic, Spider, Switch ?n? Terror, DJQ.