DJ libz

libAtee has been DJing on and off since 1992, in the early years he appeared at a couple of events in his home town of Salisbury but alas this didn't amount to anything substantial.  He's always had a place in his heart for the early 90's Rave scene so carried on regardless. 

In 2008 joined where he started uploading mixes and meeting a lot of new people who shared his passion.  One DJ in particular was Nicky Allen who gave him so much support over the next year and introduced him to Kidson at 

After getting to know the nu-rave crew libAtee was asked in November 2009 if he'd like to do a radio show.  Jumping at the chance his first show went out and generated such a buzz with him, he asked for more. 

This saw the launch of the random rave show which started at 8pm on Saturdays in which he hit the ground running. Also at about this time he discovered Ableton live 8 and quickly wanted to get to grips with learning music production. 

Every Saturday from then on was about the Random Rave Show and over time the show grew in popularity, it also paved the way for libAtee to find a family of like minded ravers who made up the nu-rave crew.  The Random Rave show still goes strong today. 

To date he has tracks signed to Red Alpha Records, Unity breaks and appeared on the fantastic Album BOOYAKA along side a number of legends he used to and still does look up to.