Sparki Dee

Sparki Dee has been DJ'ing on and off since 2002 playing all matter of dance genres to the masses via raves, parties, internet radio, pirate radio. He is famed for his character filled tune choices, throwing the ravers off into a frenzy of hands in the air and left of the field beefy bass heavy tunes showing off his versatile flow. Sparki took to radio in 2007 and has played on a variety stations like Shadow FM, Nu Rave Radio, Planet Rave, Spice, Danger FM, London Pirate Radio, Charge FM, Motiv8, NFR, DCR and even did a stint reading the local news on Academy FM Thanet. 

Aside from his DJ'ing and extensive radio work, Sparki is mostly known for his productions and since 2004 he has been making some awesome dance music mostly focusing on drum n bass, jungle and hardcore along with ventures into breaks, trance and house. Sparki featured on BBC Radio 1 twice via Annie Nightingale and has further airplay on BBC 6 Music and BBC Introducing. He has been releasing music on many record labels on and off since 2006 gaining top 20's, top 10's and a number 1 in the digital music charts online.